Thursday, June 21, 2012

eFrontlearning Blog Review

eFrontBlog is an eLearning resource for Instructional Designers. It is also set up as a formal website that offers to host solution and learning environment tools for customers. eFront is a learning management system that is set up to help organizations in rich social functionality. Essentially they offer this service to offset the cost for organizations that utilize learning technologies and systems.
           At first, I felt as if the site was built by amateurs, the modest blue and navy headers would have turned me off to it. It also has a simple design that looks like it came from a high school html media class. However, hidden behind the simplistic design is the power within the organization and all the solutions it is offering. This could be a diamond in the rough.

RSS links and older postings are where you would expect them to be. Within the blog area, the postings are original, they have been recently written. They offer a collection of authors that post each entry. And as a professional service the grammar and spelling are on point.

            Blog Activity is spotty at best. I noticed more than two weeks sometimes a month between postings. Perhaps they are researching the best information before they post. Commenting is welcome though there seems to be only one reply for each post. There are areas for twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Delicious.

The blog has a very plain and boring template, but it is informative and rich.

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