Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instructional Design and Development Blog Review

Instructional Design and Development is a blog of De Paul University. It is created using WordPress, a blogging software company. The FITS department of DePaul University is the academic area of the college’s Faculty Instructional Technology Service. The posting comes from the department heads, teacher's facilitators and instructors with the occasional student of the program at the school. I would say this site is a valuable aid to De Paul and the students involved in that department.

        The blog looks unassuming, and they certainly are using the basic of templates for the design. With that simplicity in mind, each blog is straightforward and uses the same design as the main page. I did not find any issues with the layout. The simplicity of the design makes the blog easy to understand. It is difficult to get lost here. Each post opens dynamically in the main page, which makes it easy to follow, no using the back arrow here at all. A RSS feed and older posts are kept on the blue sub category bar on the right.

        All content is coming from the faculty staff and students of De Paul University FITS Department. Since all the postings are from an academic realm, they are written for students and faculty. The postings might be more slanted to those individuals, so an outsider might need some translations here and there.

        Postings are added almost daily, and I did not detect a break of more than three days long. Like all blogs, they offer up areas for discussion and postings, but I’m just noticing just one posting in few of the posts. I would propose that this being from a college environment only those in that group would be inclined to respond, or even the authors themselves.

        I would say this blog comes highly recommended from a student starting out in Instructional design.

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