Thursday, June 21, 2012

Langevin Blog Review

This blog caters to students and veterans of the Instructional Design Field. One might say that it is for advanced persons in this field, or someone looking to pick up a credential or two. This blog offers subscribers the opportunity to check out the latest trends in instructional Design. It offers opinions and thoughts on trends that are working and some that are a part of this realm.

        Langevin offers workshops and learning opportunities to its visitors. They are the largest train the trainer company. They offer the best opportunities for credentialing and certification in the study of Instructional Design. This blog section is just a part of the site of a company that has been around since1984. It has an extensive history and offers customers the opportunity to be the best in their field.

        I was slightly confused at first, and then noticed that I was just in the blog portion of the website. The blog is built into the website itself.  Unless someone was specifically searching for the blog, I would not have known about its existence. The blog flows pretty well and is organized by date. Overall, the site looks fantastic and holds an academic appeal. The layout is easy to follow with tabs across the top

that guide the user to different areas of the site. To the left side in the blog section, we have a whole area with subcategories devoted to an RSS feed, recent post, Categories, Recent Comments, a Twitter feed, tags and authors. The contents of the posts are unique, and they range from essential leadership methods to dealing with down time. All the postings are easy to read and look as they came from the Yahoo news feed. The posts are lengthy and filled with the information any Instructional Design professional will appreciate. The posts are proofread, and there does not seem to be many mistakes in grammar or spelling. Posts seem to be added at intervals, as there are different postings from independent authors. In each post at the bottom, there is an area for comments though many of the postings lack participation or comments. As there are few  postings, the authors do not seem interested in replying. The authors might just be posting for the sake of doing it.

        A very academic and scholarly credentialing type of blog!

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